The Pre-Sale Review

The Pre-Sale Review

Thank you to everyone who has purchased THE INDUSTRIALIST GRAPHIC NOVEL COLLECTORS EDITION, and THE INDUSTRIALIST GRAPHIC NOVEL. The Pre-Sale was a great success!

The shipment has arrived, I have signed and numbered all books and posters. The Collectors Edition Shipments have already begun, and everyone who has purchased will soon be receiving their product! please allow time for delivery. It’s coming!

Thank you for your amazing support. A great big thanks to my girlfriend Sherry (instagram @evil166) for her dedication and support to make this project a huge success!

A big thank you to Brandon Holmes for his patience and creativity in creating!

Thank you to Noel Guard for making my vision of the world for The Industrialist a reality! He nailed it!

Thank you to Vachel Shanon for bringing The Industrialist to life with his fantastic coloring talents!

This has been a great learning experience for all of us at

Burton C Bell