Tonight I finally had the opportunity to utilize the Spirit by Aston Microphones. I immediately noticed the natural clarity of my voice. This Microphone did not have that high end hiss of other mics. It captured the actual tone of my voice! Crisp and clear and no hiss. It captured every nuance of my low notes, without having to readjust the levels for volume. This mic seemed to capture ONLY my voice, and without any background noise. From the images you can see I was in an open studio, and nothing else was picked up. My voice was in the spotlight with this microphone. I love it, and will continue to use it. I will be trying the Origin with my 12 string acoustic next time. ASTON MICROPHONES will be used on the new ASCENSION OF THE WATCHERS recordings. I will also use it for my vox recording on FEAR FACTORY.

Jayce Lewis, THANK YOU for this awesome connection.
James Young of Aston Microphones, Thank you for letting me try theseĀ  microphones!