My fascination with industrial structures and machines created two centuries ago are appealing to me. Those  that became obsolete due to modern invention are still resting where they once thrived, visible to the workers who  have also become obsolete. These aspects were crucial for my inspiration in writing, music and photography, all of  which have been lifesaving ambitions. It was the perfect night to capture these ghosts of industrialism with my  mechanical relic from the 20th century, as they stood dormant in the fog.  

All my images have not been altered in photoshop, filters, touched up, colorized or modified in any way. What  you see is exactly what I was looking at, in that moment, between 11 to 30 seconds. In my attempt to paint a picture  of Milton within that moment, I have termed these images as “Celluloid Impressionism”; captured moments of shifting  light and shadows on film. Within the abandon and decay I had found inspiration and paradise in Milton, and I hope  these photos reflect this truth.

-Burton C. Bell


Burton’s independently released book PARADISE FOUND, and original pieces are available for sale at the online shop.

[Images are (c) Burton C Bell 2023 and are watermarked]

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