OUT NOW! – Du Hast cover from Burton C Bell, Big Paul Ferguson & MGT

OUT NOW! – Du Hast cover from Burton C Bell, Big Paul Ferguson & MGT

Masters Of Industrial Metal, BURTON C. BELL, BIG PAUL FERGUSON, And MGT, Join Forces To Forge Galvanized Cover of RAMMSTEIN’S “DU HAST”

Los Angeles, CA – The latest reincarnation of Rammstein’s legendary “Du Hast” roars to the forefront as one of the premiere singles from upcoming full-length feature, A Tribute to Rammstein, available worldwide on August 25th. This screaming single is born out of the electrifying alliance between former Fear Factory front man, Burton C. Bell, Killing Joke drummer, Big Paul Ferguson, and legendary goth-industrial guitarist, Mark Gemini Thwaite (MGT), who has worked with The Mission, Gary Numan, and Peter Murphy.

“Du Hast” was released in 1997 as the second single from Rammstein’s sophomore album, Sehnsucht (Desire), and served as a catalyst for their breakthrough into the Western mainstream. “Du Hast” thrust the German industrial giants into the spotlight after its appearance on the soundtrack for cinematic cyberpunk classic, The Matrix (1999), following the inclusion of two songs from their debut album, Herzeleid (Heartbreak) on David Lynch’s Lost Highway (1997). 

The goth-industrial triumvirate of dark-electronic doyens, Burton C. Bell, Big Paul Ferguson, and MGT breathes new life into the neue deutsche härte anthem, with the pounding heartbeat of the kick drum pumping oxygenated blood throughout the body of this mechanized beast of a single, fueled by guttural death growls, screaming guitar arpeggiations, and hardwired dark synth.

Bell offered these enthusiastic sentiments:

I am honored to have been considered for this killer salute to Rammstein, and grateful that Brian Perera and Cleopatra Records, directly reached out and texted me, “Can you sing in German?” I replied, “Sure!”, knowing full well I had never sung in German. I am especially thankful for my German “tutor”, Konstanze Louden, who graciously took the time to instruct me on correct German pronunciation!

It was a joy having the opportunity to work with two massive talents, Mark Thwaite (MGT) and Paul Ferguson (Killing Joke). I was inspired and energized to “make this song mine”. I dug deep into this track, and prepared myself accordingly. When I felt ready, working and recording in the studio with Alex Crescioni and Mark at Stygian Sound was a truly magical session, and a great privilege.

I am very proud of how this track freaking rocks, so much that I decided to present DU HAST as my “breakout debut.” It truly spoke to me. The original version will always reign, however if you plan to record a cover, make it your own, and make it sound freaking amazing. Honor the music!

I look forward to the single dropping and look forward to playing “Du Hast” live on tour! I have big plans on the horizon, please stand by!

Stream/download the single: https://orcd.co/burtoncbell_bigpaulferguson_mgt_duhast

A Tribute To Rammstein brings together new school industrial acts such as Priest, Manntra, and Julien-K and vanguard veterans Frontline Assembly, Laibach, Skold and more in a true clash of the industrial titans! 

Pre-order the physical: https://cleorecs.com/store/shop/a-tribute-to-rammstein-cd/ 

Pre-save the digital: https://orcd.co/variousartists_atributetorammstein 


  1. Du Hast – Burton C Bell, Big Paul Ferguson & MGT 
  2. Deutschland – Front Line Assembly  
  3. Sonne – Skold
  4. Engel – Priest
  5. Amerika – Laibach 
  6. Feuer Frei! – The 69 Eyes
  7. Ausländer – Jah Wobble & Jon Klein
  8. Radio – Julien-K
  9. Ich Will  – Stoneman
  10. Keine Lust –  Lacrimas Profundere 
  11. Links 2 3 4 – Manntra 
  12. Mein Teil  – Original God (Bonus Track)
  13. Du Hast – Leæther Strip (Bonus Track)

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