My friend Omer Cordell has finished the mix of THE WEEPING SONG. A cover of Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds.

Thank you!

A tribute to one of the most important and prolific artists of our time; the great Nick Cave.

Writen by Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds from the 1990 album ‘The Good Son’.

Dave Padden – Voals
Burton C. Bell – Vocals
Cory McBain – Guitars / drum programming
Adrian Windsor – Piano / keys
Omer Cordell – Bass / Keys / Backing vocals / drum programming

Music arrangement by Omer Cordell
Vocal arrangement by Dave Padden and Burton C. Bell
Mixed by Omer Cordell and John Roua at Roua Studios, assisted by Padded and McBain.
Mastered by Omer Cordell

Video Source : Trailightband