DESCANSOS featured at Front Window Gallery

DESCANSOS featured at Front Window Gallery

I’m very happy to announce my first gallery opening for my photo series DESCANSOS at the Front Window Gallery in Milton, PA.
This was a photo project I worked on in 2001. This photo is one of hundreds that I captured between Los Angeles and Santa Fe along the legendary Route 66.

-Burton C Bell

August 12 – September 19th, 2016

Front Window Gallery is thrilled to present Burton C. Bell’s Descanso. In this haunting photo, Bell captures the palpable, real-time grit of train tracks set against the infinite possibilities of an unfathomable, endless horizon. Here, time and place are at once concrete and ethereal, constantly shifting underfoot. According to Bell, “In the Southwest and West you will see many roadside crosses marking the place where a person died in an auto crash. There are thousands. These markers are called descansos, the Spanish word for rest area. In the year 2001, I made a trip from Los Angeles to Santa in my ’69 Ford F250. My goal was to capture and document as many descansos as possible along Route 66. Many times I ventured off the path to explore. Resonating my journey back to LA, heading west, my future at that moment was infinitely unclear. This is my own personal descanso.”