Burton C. Bell Debuts Photography Series “Paradise Found” at Vincent Castiglia Gallery

Burton C. Bell Debuts Photography Series “Paradise Found” at Vincent Castiglia Gallery

Fort Lauderdale: Industrial-Metal’s pioneering vocalist Burton C. Bell unveils “Paradise Found” at the Vincent Castiglia Gallery, 20 original full-color photographs of abandoned industrial buildings taken in darkness and fog from 2002-2003. Bell’s images are printed on aluminium using the Dye Sublimation process – an approach Bell calls “celluloid impressionism.”

Vincent Castiglia Gallery, located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, opened in 2022 to showcase Castiglia’s tattoo designs and selection of limied edition painting prints, will be premiering Burton C. Bell’s 20 photographs on March 11, 2023, running through May 23, 2023. The photographs Bell is presenting are representational of his industrial and science fiction aesthetic.

Burton C. Bell is renowned for his 30-year career as the frontman and vocalist in the groundbreaking industrial-metal band Fear Factory. His vocal style became the template for a genre of music that became a mainstay of the metal music scene. Bell’s fascination with science fiction and his love for industrial buildings and machinery inspired his dystopian lyrical concepts. These themes evolved into focal points for his photography, in particular abandoned and derelict structures of a post-industrial society that have become obsolete.

In 2002, while recording new music in a studio surrounded by forest, it was in the borough of Milton, Pennsylvania, Bell found paradise within the small town that was once the heart of manufacturing in the Susquehanna Valley. Milton’s days of industry are long gone; however, the factories and buildings remain dormant and empty, inspiring Bell’s music and vision.

Bell states,

“I am grateful to have this opportunity to show “Paradise Found” at the Vincent Castiglia Gallery so that I can share the beauty I saw during those few seconds of exposure. These prints have not been photoshopped. This is exactly what I was seeing.”

Burton C. Bell is currently anticipating the Gallery opening on March 11, 2023. This event is part of his grander vision as he pursues his next chapter as an artist. For further inquiry please contact the VincentCastigliaGallery.com, Vincent Castiglia Facebook page, BurtonCBell.com, or the Burton C. Bell Facebook page. You can also preview watermarked versions of the selected images from the exhibition here.

view / download the Reception Invitation here