Ascension of the Watchers

Ascension of The Watchers, the creative journey of Burton C. Bell, and is his vision born of life, love and spirituality. The intimate nature of Ascension of The Watchers is envisioned to draw the minds, hearts and aspirations of a people to a higher level of thinking and feeling by bringing them together in celebration and reflection in the beauty of life and spirituality, through these melodies and words.

Band Members have been ;

Burton C BellĀ 

John Bechdel

Edu Mussi

Fedya Kainer

Scott Irvine

Vinnie Signorelli

Alex Terhune

Jayce Lewis

Tony Baumeister

Mark Thwaite


Genre – Alternative / Ambient / Rock
Record Label – 13th Planet Records
Record Label – Cherry Red Records ; 2020